Graded Leveled Book Collections For Pre-K And K-4 Reading

SongLake Books carefully selects titles from 15 leading publishers.  We then organize these titles into leveled collections for reading programs.  Since we launched SongLake Books in 1998, our book collections have become the mainstay in Pre-K and K–4 reading programs at home in the USA and abroad.  Originally we designed our collections for Reading Recovery® programs.  We have long since expanded our scope to include guided reading collections for classrooms, Title I & EDEA, and bookrooms . . . and we continue to grow and adapt.  Today, we meet the criteria for i3, RTI, and other new federal programs.

Each set spans a range of guided reading or Reading Recovery levels to meet your needs.  Our sets of 50 to 300 books include single-title collections and six-pack collections.  Titles target children of all ability levels, especially at-risk readers.


Recognizing that many schools are struggling to meet the demands of the Common Core State Standards, we have scrutinized hundreds of books from approved publishers and hand-selected only those that best align themselves with these standards.

Our Pre-K and K–4 guided reading collections now feature:  a wide range of topics and genres; topics within and across grade levels; repeated books by the same author/illustrator, repeated topics, and familiar characters to compare and contrast experiences, information, and feelings; different versions of popular fairy tales; stronger ties to content areas (science, social studies, health, math); different times and cultures; age appropriate themes such as bullying, responsibility, making good decisions, being a good friend in the early grades to homelessness, war, slavery, and prejudice in the upper grades.


SongLake Books selects the most suitable titles from each publisher.  Children see a variety of printed fonts, styles, layouts, and illustrations.  Each collection includes fiction and non-fiction selections with a mixture of genres at each level.  Our collections are culturally diverse and gender fair.

Titles in our Reading Recovery collections can be found in the Reading Recovery Booklist.  Titles in our guided reading collections can be found in Fountas & Pinnell's Booklist online.  This assures that these titles have been tested by teachers in diverse settings across the country.


Each collection spans a range of levels to meet the varying needs of children in a typical classroom.  You can monitor growth as children progress from one level to the next, independently, one-on-one, or in small group instruction.  Collections for Reading Recovery programs are single copy sets arranged by Reading Recovery levels.  Collections for guided reading include both single copy sets and six-pack sets.  We include two lists of titles with each collection:  one arranged alphabetically and one arranged by levels.  Kindergarten and Grade 1 collections also include word counts.  Our Reading Recovery training collection, Icing on the Cake collection, and Spanish collection also each include a set of labels to affix.


Each collection is boxed individually.  For example, if you order 10 collections you receive 10 individual boxes.  No need to sort and track.  No more dealing with shortages or backorders.  We do that for you.


We are happy to develop custom collections with you.  Take advantage of our independence and the excellent relationships we have with so many publishers.  Together we can help you obtain a unique balance of books.  Doing this on your own is a very good idea, but it is probably impractical.  When you work with SongLake Books, the selection and procurement process will be within your grasp.


Our discount pricing means more books for your dollar.  We charge no additional fees for shipping or handling within the continental United States.  The price we quote for each collection is the price you pay.

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