The 2018 New Additions Collection

As the name implies, the 2018 New Additions Collection includes new additions to the Reading Recovery Booklist.

This collection features 50 approved titles from five top publishing companies arranged by Reading Recovery levels 1—–20.  For your convenience, we include a set of labels featuring levels and word counts.

Invigorate your tired library with these fresh new additions of recently approved titles.

Our collection prices reflect a deep discount.  Shipping within the continental United States is at our expense, not yours.

Level Title
1 About Ducks
  About Jobs At School
  Snacks For Porcupine
2 Hide 'n Seek Shapes
  What Can Swim
  Zoo, The (BH)
3 My House
  Princess Pig And Marvin
  Spring Is Here
4 Bike Ride, The
  In The Pond
  Look Out For The Lion
5 Don't Go In The Snow
  Firefighters To The Rescue
  Goats, The
6 Catching Fireflies
  Dressing Up
7 About Bobcats
  Where Is Otis?
8 Danny Follows The Signs
  Little Knight To The Rescue
  Otis Gets Jealous
9 Giraffes At The Zoo
  Oliver Makes A Mess
  Shark At The Beach, A
10 About Pill Bugs
  Blast Off
  Grumpy Troll And The Billy Goats, The
11 Danny's Bean Plant
  Duckbert And The Bug Hunt
  Marvin Plays A Trick
12 Bedtime For Porcupine
  Mad Pig, Sad Pig
  Making Cupcakes
13 Boy Who Cried Nurse, The
  Polar Bears At The Zoo
14 Little Crab In Big Trouble, A
  Pencils For Tidbit And Morsel
  Story Of Potato Chips, The
16 Moon, The
  Teddy And The Bear
  Tidbit And Morsel Play Games
18 Elephants
  Jellyfish: Mysterious Creatures From The Sea
  Princess Pig And The Necklace
20 Bacon Saturday Mornings
  Coral Reef, The
1 copy each of 50 titles from five publishers
Includes a set of labels and word counts
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