The 2017 New Additions Plus Collection

As the name implies, the 2017 New Additions Plus Collection includes new additions to the Reading Recovery Booklist plus 18 "must have" titles.  This collection features 50 approved titles from five top publishing companies arranged by Reading Recovery levels 1–20.  For your convenience, a set of labels is included featuring levels and word counts.

Invigorate your tired library with these fresh new additions of recently approved titles plus 18 tried and true favorites such as Catch That Frog and Pat's New Puppy.

Our prices reflect a deep discount.  Shipping within the continental United States is included.

Level Title
jacketBoat, The
  Can You See Shapes?
  Cats In Costumes
2 Farm, The
  Zoo, The
3 About Teachers
jacketHouse For Squirrel, A
4 Bumps
  Bus Ride, The
  Danny Meets Norman
5 Gus And The Snow
  Mom Can't Sleep
  New Pet, A
jacketAbout Hot Rods
  Don't Look Up!
  Good Hat For A Cat, A
7 Birds Around The Pond
  Norman Hides From Danny
  Pat's New Puppy
  Picnic, The
8 Catch That Frog
  Catch The Spider
  Norman Wants To Play With Danny
9 Canada Geese Around The Pond
  Cats And Kittens
  Lion's Tail, The
  Norman's Loose Tooth
10 About Bananas
11 Ten Little Bears
  Three Bears' Bakery, The
12 Friends
13 Great Big Enormous Turnip, The
  Three Little Pigs, The
  What Is My Name?
14 Danny Looks For A Honeybee Yard
  Happy Faces
  Missing Necklace, The
  Victor Makes A TV
15 Tents
16 Four For Tea
  Pot Of Gold, The
  Sammy's Supper
17 Loose Laces
  Popcorn Book, The
jacketThree Little Pugs, The
19 Abracadabra
20 Barack Obama
  Dr. Seuss
1 copy each of 50 titles from five publishers
Includes a set of labels and word counts
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