The Diversity RR Singles Collection
(Reading Recovery® Single Copies)

SongLake Books is proud to introduce our newest offering, our 2018 Diversity RR Set.  This collection features children typically marginalized in most reading materials.  To offset this imbalance each of the 52 books in this collection spotlights children typically underrepresented by race, culture, ethnicity, or lifestyle.

This is a supplement to our training set, the SongLake Books 2018–2019 Collection, with no duplication of titles.  Books are drawn from seven top companies.  A set of labels including level and word counts comes with each collection.  Shipping charges for delivery in the continental United States are included in our price.

Level Title
jacketGame Book, The
jacketMy Grandma
  Nature Walk, The
2 Breakfast For Us
  Carla's Big Splash
jacketParty, The (Blueberry Hill)
jacketHaving Fun
jacketMy Buddy
  Who Can Read?
jacketBugs In My Backyard
  Hot Day, A
jacketWater Toys, The
5 Just Like Mom
jacketMissing Glasses, The
  Where Is My Cat?
6 Alysha's Flat Tire
  Chicks Are Hatching, The
jacketNo Cookies Before Dinner
7 Friend, A
  Mai-Li's Surprise
  Pickles Goes To School
8 Getting To School
  Gilbert Goes On A Picnic
  Mom's Shoes
9 Kickball
10 Brandon's New School
  Dog To Walk, A
11 Anthony's New Glasses
  Tree Fort Adventure
12 Michael And The Chicks
13 Best Friends
  Carla's New Glasses
  My Mom's Apron
14 Jake's First Word
  Twins, The
jacketFun For Pickles
  Jake's Lemonade Stand
  Jasper And The Kitten
16 Going To School
  Hayfa's Hats
jacketMartin Luther King, Jr. (PV)
17 Dinosaur Hunter, The
  Gilbert In The Snow
18 Hope's Necklace
  Jake's Bird Feeder
  Last Chick, The
19 Basketball Game, The
  Shona Plays The Fiddle
jacketMialynn's Butterfly Book
jacketBacon Saturday Mornings
  Gift For Kohkum, A
jacketHoops And Me
52 books:  1 copy each of 52 different titles from seven publishers
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