The Keystone Collaboration Collection

The Keystone Collaboration Collection is a compilation of books created by teachers and literacy coaches for purposes of assessing and monitoring student progress in text reading.  This collection has been validated by research.

There are three important reasons why the Keystone books can be useful for progress monitoring:

  1. They represent a wide variety of text types, genres, formats, and writing styles;
  2. they are not aligned with any particular publisher; and
  3. they can be used interchangeably for guided reading group and progress monitoring.

This collection is of particular value to reading teachers who have adopted the Comprehensive Literacy Intervention Model.

The Keystone Collaboration Collection contains 70 books from 11 publishers.  They span guided reading levels A through M and come with a set of labels.  Each label includes guided reading level, word count, error count (to determine instructional level), genre, item number, publisher, and a short book introduction.

Level Title
A Dinner Time At The Zoo
  Fruit Salad
  Little Knight
  What Has Wheels?
B My Baby Sister
  Watch Out!
  What Feels Cold?
  World Of Birds, A
C Everyone Eats
  How Many Legs?
  My Loose Tooth
  Stripes and Spots
jacketCat Tails
  Chickens And The Fox, The
  Taking Pictures
E Little Chick's Quest
jacketMy Bug Box
jacketStrange Plants
F Bandages
jacketBirthday Bird, The
jacketDogs At School
  Sammy's Moving
jacketSparrows, The
  Water, Water Everywhere
jacketJoe's Blue Shoes
  Making A Cake
  My Pet Lamb
jacketStorm, The
  Story Of The Three Bears, The
jacketAndi's Wool
  Early One Morning
jacketLittle Book Of Street Rods, The
  Orca Whales
  Smarty Pants At The Circus
jacketToo Many Nuts
jacketTurtle Nest
  Whose Mouse Are You?
jacketAt The Lake
jacketHungry Sea Star, The
  Last Muffin, The
  Mrs. Wishy-Washy And The Big Wash
  Oops, Mr.Wishy-Washy!
J Cat And Dog
  City And Country (pp.2–5)
  Henry And Mudge And The Best Day Of All
jacketMy Favorite Bear
  My Favorite Place (pp.8–13)
jacketWalking Home Alone
K Days With Frog And Toad
  Henry Ford
  Ice Hockey
jacketIn Grandma Rita's Garden (pp.2–8)
  Sea Turtles (pp.3–9)
L Bat's Night Out
jacketCoral Reef, The (pp.9–13)
  Henry's Ghost/Bird Feathers
  Horrible Harry In Room 2B
  Rocky Mountain National Park (pp.4–13 excludes titles)
jacketDiving For Treasure
jacketDream Catcher
  Funny Old Man And The Funny Old Woman, The (pp.3–8)
  Old Woman Who Lived In A Vinegar Bottle, The
  Too Many Tamales
1 copy each of 70 titles from 11 publishers
Includes a set of labels with book introductions and word counts
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