The Non-Fiction Collection

Ever responsive to your suggestions, we are proud to introduce our newest set of non-fictional and informational books.  The Non-Fiction Collection contains 60 titles, 3 titles at each of 20 levels.  Because it is designed as an "add-to" collection, there is no duplication of titles between the SongLake Books Collection, the Icing On The Cake Collection, and this set, The Non-Fiction Collection.

These titles have been selected from the offerings of 8 different publishers and each title can be found in the Reading Recovery Book List 2010.

Level Title
1 Dangerous Animals
jacket Horse Colors
jacket What Can Bugs Do?
jacket About Seeds We Eat
  How Many?
  Zoo, The
jacket About Teachers
jacket Spiders! (Reading Reading)
  Trucks (Kaeden)
jacket Bugs In My Backyard
jacket Who Goes In The Water?
jacket About Fruit Trees
jacket This Is A Family
6 Basketball
jacket Oh, No! Ladybug, Go!
  Some Things Push And Some Things Pull
7 Big Trucks
  Moving To America
  Sea Turtles In The Sand
jacket About Corn
jacket About Tails
  Colors Of Horses
9 About Sailboats
  Making Maple Syrup
  You Can Save Energy
10 Birds
  Horseback Riding
11 About Blizzards
  Dogs Or Cats?
jacket About Slugs
  Space Shuttle, The
  What Is A Fraction?
13 Hockey Practice
jacket Little Book Of Street Rods, The
jacket Turtle Nest
14 Firefighters
  Life Cycle Of A Dragonfly
15 Airport
  Growing Radishes And Carrots
16 Martin Luther King, Jr.
  Seals And Sea Lions
17 Floating And Sinking
jacket How A Book Is Made
  Toad Or Frog?
18 Bee's Home, A
  Big Changes For Tiny Tadpole
jacket Tugboats
19 Creepy, Crawly Caterpillars
jacket Sea Lights
  Why Do Worms Come Up When It Rains?
20 Abraham Lincoln
  All About Deer
jacket Hidden in the Midden
1 copy each of 60 titles
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