Our Book Collection Prices

Use this page to plan and budget your order.  When you send us your planned order using this form we will reserve the books you require and begin assembling your collections.  However, as we detail below, we will need a valid purchase order before we ship your books.

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Collection Order Details
Collection Unit Price Quantity Total Price
Songlake 2018-2019 $1840
Icing on the Cake $740
i3 Add-To $345
Mini i3 Add-To $245
New Additions Plus $305
Non-Fiction $425
Vitamin $575
MiniVitamin $325
Mineral $375
Mini Additions $275
Mini Additions 2011 $275
Too New $325
Spanish $440
Keystone Collaboration $499
Diversity K Singles Grade K $395
Diversity K 6-Packs Grade K $995
Diversity 1 Singles Grade 1 $395
Diversity 1 6-Packs Grade 1 $1050
Diversity 2 Singles Grade 2 $395
Diversity 2 6-Packs Grade 2 $1010
Ellen Grade Pre-K $750
Nathan Grade K $1615
Mini Nathan Grade K $750
Bessie Grade K $830
Edward Grade K $515
Jason Grade 1 $1705
Mini Jason Grade 1 $695
Michelle Grade 1 $790
Jordan Grade 1 $798
Lauren Grade 1 $575
Mini Jordan $695
Karen Grade 2 $1685
Mini Karen Grade 2 $695
James Grade 2 $845
Madison Grade 2 $780
Mini Madison $695
Jackson Grade 2 $550
Classics 2 $725
Alexandra $1475
Mini Alexandra $825
Sarah Grade 3 $1595
Mini Sarah Grade 3 $825
Brian Grade 3 $865
Gabrielle Grade 3 $490
Classics 3 $825
Matthew Grade 4 $1755
Mini Matthew Grade 4 $795
Mary Grade 4 $890
Doris Grade 4 $535
Classics 4 $825
Diversity K-2 Grade K-2 $450
Shipping No charge within continental USA
Grand Total  
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Zip Code
Delivery Information
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How To Order Our Book Collections

To fully process and ship your order we must have a valid purchase order, which you can send by toll-free fax (888.979.1500 or 315.696.0192) or by mail.

You can start an order from here and we will reserve books for you while you prepare a purchase order.  We will hold the books for up to three weeks from the day you send in the web request and ship them when we get your purchase order.

Credit cards are welcome.  Call us if you need more details about this.

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Terms and shipping information:  Net 30 days.  School orders are billed when shipped.  Finance charges of 2% are added to all late payments.  Payment or official purchase order must accompany all orders.  We have made efforts to assure book availability.  However, when dealing with so many individual companies there are occasions when a title may be out of stock.  In the event that a title is unavailable, another at the same level will be substituted.  We guarantee every one of our titles.  If you are not satisfied, please contact us immediately.  Complete collections in resalable condition will be accepted for return within 30 days after receipt.  Please contact our office for a return authorization number before returning merchandise.  Where required, please remit sales tax at the applicable rate directly to your local tax authority.

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