The Icing on the Cake Collection

Our Icing On The Cake Collection contains 100 titles:  5 titles at each of 20 levels.  Originally designed as an "add-to" set, there is no duplication of titles between the SongLake Books Collection and the Icing Collection.  As with each of our collections, the books are collated from many popular companies.

Some order the Icing On The Cake Collection in conjunction with the SongLake Books Collection for a combined total of 400 tried and true titles that just seem to work with at-risk students.

The Icing Collection is also popular with continuing contact teachers who order it as a supplement to the training materials they received in their training year.  Grade 1 classroom teachers and Title I/ESEA teachers use the Icing On The Cake Collection in one-to-one, small group, and independent instructional settings.

The Icing on the Cake Collection comes with its own set of labels to affix to each book.  Each label contains the title, level, and word count of the book.  Also included with each order is a list of books by level and another alphabetical listing citing level and word count.

Regardless of how you wish to use it, you will find the Icing on the Cake Collection is reliable and affordable.

Level Title
1 Dad Goes To School
  Farm Animals
  I Am Danny
  My School
  What Tigers Do
jacketFarm Feet
jacketGet Down Danny
jacketI Like To Read
  Look Who's Eating
jacketMy Teacher
3 Animals On The Farm
  First And Last
  Making Pizza
  Trouble In A Tree
jacketA Walk With Dad
4 At The Pool
  Look Out For Space Monster
  Scout And The River
  Sharing Homes
  White, White Snow, The
jacketBaby Elephant Runs Away
  Lost Glove, The
  Red Apples For Me
  Spaceboy Plays Hide And Seek
jacketWhere Can Louis Sleep?
6 Bats In Danny's House
  Chicks Are Hatching, The
  Helping With Baby
  Nanny Goat's Nap
  Pool, The
7 About Rabbits
  It Looked Like Spilt Milk
jacketLucky Pony, A
jacketPickles Goes To School
  Snake Hunts For Lunch
8 Black Kitten, The
  Haircuts For Bella And Rosie
  Lost In The Woods
  Wishy-Washy Day
  Wobbly Tooth, The
jacketArtist, The
jacketDanny And Bee's Safety Rules
  Lion And The Mouse, The
  Sammy Gets A Ride
  Señor Armadillo's Shoes
10 Cookie's Week
  Little Dinosaur's Skateboard
  Mr. Fluff At Laura's House
  Puppy Trouble
  Victor And The Kite
jacketDanny And The Little Worm
  Kitty Goes Splash
  New Gym Shoes
  No Pets
jacketThree Bears' Bakery, The
jacketBaby Elephant Is Thirsty
  Little Fox And The Tooth
jacketPaco's Garden
  Space Fairy
13 I'm A Good Reader
jacketLooking For Bears
  Lost And Found
  Sleepy Polar Bear
  Victor The Hero
jacketCharlie's New Friend
  Freddy Frog's Note
  Goodnight, Moon
  Petting Gilbert
jacketSpy Danny
15 Alex Plays Baseball
  Jake's Lemonade Stand
  Jasper And The Kitten
  Just A Mess
  Who Took The Farmer's Hat?
16 All About Beetles
  Baby Monkey
  Best Birthday Mole Ever Had, The
jacketDream Catcher
  Sammy's Hamburger Caper
jacketDad Still Smiles
  Enormous Rock, The
jacketFluffy's Treasure Hunt
  Pot Of Stone Soup, A
jacketRaven's Gift
18 Little Knight, The
jacketLocked In
  Moonbear's Shadow (formerly Bear Shadow)
  Three Little Pugs, The
  When I Get Bigger
jacketFluffy And Charlie Visit Tango
  Frog And Toad Together
  Mystery Seeds
jacketRed-Tailed Hawk, The
  Slim, Shorty And The Mules
20 Henry's Choice
  Lizards And Salamanders
  Red And Blue Mittens
jacketSpiders (Blueberry Hill)
  Stone Hat, The
1 copy each of 100 titles
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