The SongLake Books 2017-2018 Collection

The SongLake Books 2017-2018 Collection is our core set, featuring 300 titles from leading publishers.  Books span Reading Recovery® levels 1 through 20.  This assures that we target both first- and second-rounders.  Some teacher leaders have used this as a starter set for training classes.

Not limited to the selections offered by just one company, we select the best that each publisher offers.  Children benefit from seeing different fonts, styles, layouts, and illustrations.  We select fiction and non-fiction titles, as well as a variety of genres at each level.  Our collections are culturally diverse and gender fair.

As an added bonus, each collection comes with its own set of labels to affix to each book.  The labels include title, level, and word count.  Also included with each book collection is a list of titles arranged by level and another list of titles arranged alphabetically including word count and level.  Each of these added features is designed to assist you in matching the right book to the right student.

All of our titles are found in the latest Reading Recovery booklist.  We refine our collections each year incorporating suggestions from reading recovery teachers and teacher leaders across the country.  We would love to hear from you with ways to improve.

Level Title
1 Baby Skunk
  Busy Dad
  Circus Train, The
jacketDad's Turkey Sandwich
jacketDressed Up Dogs
  Happy Dogs
  Mom Likes Hats
  Presents For Mom
jacketReading Partners
jacketWe Love Pets
  What Can Fly?
  What Has Wheels?
jacketWhere Is A Bear?
2 All Wet!
  At The Beach
jacketDanny Likes Red
  Gabby Visits Buster
  Mom Goes Shopping
  Mother Animals
  My Glasses
  Reading Buddies
  Sammy Loves To Run
  Sss!  Snakes
jacketSuper Danny
  We Went To The Zoo
  Where Is Gabby?
3 Animal Race
  At The Zoo
  Bear And Monkey
jacketBreakfast For Pickles
  Can We Be Friends?
  Come Here, Puppy
  Going Up And Down
jacket*Holly's Surprise
  I See Colors
  Little Red Hen, The
jacketLook At Danny
  My Big Brother
  My School Lunch
  Splashing Dad
  Turtle In The Sun, A
  We Need Trees
4 Bird Nests
  Bus Ride, The
  Cat And Dog
jacketDanny And Dad Go Shopping
  Down In The Sea
  Goat, A
jacketHoop Dancer, The
  Jasper The Fat Cat
  Little Mouse
jacketLooking For A Pony
  Missing Puppy, The
  Mom Can Fix Anything
  More Food For The Big Cat
  1,2,3 Eggs!
  Picking A Pumpkin
  Scaredy Cat
  There Goes Peanut Butter!
  We're Just Looking
jacketWho Has The Big Bone?
5 All Through The Week With Cat And Dog
jacketDanny Likes To Help
jacketDanny's Timeline
  Emily's Babysitter
  Farm Concert, The
  Gabby Is Hungry
  Georgie Giraffe, The Detective
  Gumball, The
  Just Like Dad
  Little Cousins Visit, The
  Sammy At The Farm
  Sammy Gets A Bath
  Saturday Mornings
jacketWalk For Pickles, A
  Where Is Fluffy?
6 About Hot Rods
  Charlie's Bad Hair Day
  Chick And The Duckling, The
  Don't Look Up
  Fishing Trip, The
  Gilbert The Pig Wears A Dress
jacketI Meowed
  Little Sprout, The
  Lizzie The Lizard
  Loose Tooth, The
  Missing Earrings, The
jacketMmm,  Apples!
  Mouse's Baby Blanket
  No, Bo!
  Pie, The
  Roller Coaster, The
  What Will Alex Do?
7 Bella And Rosie Play Hide and Seek
  Birds Around The Pond
jacketDanny And Abby Are Friends
  Dressed Up Sammy
jacketEat Your Brocolli
  Friend For Jellyfish, A
  Friend For Peanut, A
jacketGiddyup Lucky
  I Love To Write
  My Brother Wants To Be Like Me
jacketMy Bug Box
  Oh, No, Sherman!
  Pat's New Puppy
  Puppy Danny
  Red Rose, The
  Space Fort, The
  Stuck In The Tree
  What's For Dinner?
  Zip Me Up!
8 About Father Animals
  All By Myself
  Anna's First Day
  Cat Chat!
  Catch That Frog
jacketDanny Gets Fit
  Danny's Dinner
  Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed
  Gilbert The Pig Goes On A Diet
  Helping Grandma
  Jess In The Snow
  Little Chick's Quest
  Little Princess
  Mrs. Wishy-Washy
  Oh, No!
  Our House Had A Mouse
jacketRock Turtle, The
  There Was A Mouse
  Tortoise And The Hare, The
  Watch Me
  Where Is Matt's Cap?
9 Bandages
  Cat In The Tree, A
  Cats And Kittens
jacketCats Everywhere
  Danny Looks For Abby
  Emily Can't Sleep
  Lady With The Alligator Purse
  Lion's Tail, The
  Making Maple Syrup
  My Magic Bike
jacketMystery Of The Missing Pal, The
  Notes To Dad
jacketNothing In The Mailbox
  Pickles Helps Out
  Sick In Bed
  Three Little Pigs And One Big Pig
  Trip To The Beach, A
jacketAbout Hot Air Balloons
  Bedtime For Turtle
jacketBirthday Bird, The
  BMX Winner, The
jacketDanny's Groundhog Day
jacketDogs At School
jacketHenry Runs Away
  Is Your Pail Full?
  King's Job
  My Grandpa
  Notes From Mom
  People Do Silly Things
  Sammy's Moving
  Staying With Grandma Norma
  Swimming Lessons
11 About Ladybugs
  Bath For Lucky, A
  Billy Goats Gruff And The Troll, The
  Carla's Ribbons
  Gabby And The Christmas Tree
  Gabby Runs Away
jacketGeorge's Story
jacketJoe's Blue Shoes
  Lydia And The Ducks
  Miss Fuzzy
  Moose's Loose Tooth
  Sheep In A Jeep
  Sleep Tight Spaceboy
  Ten Little Bears
12 Biscuit
  Carla's Breakfast
  Dennis Rides His Bike
  Dribble, Dribble, Shoot
  Gilbert The Pig Has An Adventure
  King's Crossing
jacketLittle Panda
  Mouse In The House, A
  Nicky Upstairs And Down
  Shopping At The Mall
jacketSpiders (Blueberry Hill)
  Valentines For Little Fox
  Who Can Fix The Computer?
13 All About Soccer
  At The Park
jacketFluffy And Charlie Go Camping
  Fox Who Cried "Help!," The
jacketGoha And His Donkey
  Great Big Enormous Turnip, The
jacketLittle Green Dandelion, A
  Little Peep's Birdhouse
jacketMama Cut My Hair
  More Trouble
  Ocean, The
  Three Little Pigs, The
  Where Is Muffin?
14 Adventure In The Purple Forest
jacketBunny Magic
  Cake That Mack Ate, The
jacketCharlie Goes To School
  Dolly's Car
jacketFishy Story, A
  Friendly Crocodile, The
  Happy Faces
  Jake's Toad House
  Jasper Goes Camping
  Missing Necklace, The
jacketToo Many Nuts
  Victor Makes A TV
15 Are You My Mother?
  City Garden
jacketFamily Of Beavers, A
  Hattie And The Fox
jacketIn Grandma Rita's Garden (pp.2–8)
  Just Grandma And Me
  Little Red
jacketMrs. Murphy's Crows
  Sleepover Party, The
16 And Billy Went Out To Play
jacketAuthor On My Street, The
jacketBaby Elephants Love To Swim!
  Just Me And My Puppy
  Lemonade Stand, The
jacketPat And Pea Soup
  Pot Of Gold, The
  Sammy's Supper
  Seals And Sea Lions
jacketWalking Home Alone
17 Birthday In The Woods, A
  Carla's Talent Show
jacketCoyote Plants A Peach Tree
  Doorbell Rang, The
jacketFarmer Brown And Dapple Gray
  Horse In Harry's Room, The
  Little Gorilla
  Loose Laces
jacketMy Favorite Bear
jacketWilly And The Beanstalk
18 Bath Day For Brutus
  Catch For Uncle JT, A
  Danny's Big Adventure
  Dear Grandpa
  I Was So Mad
  Little Bear
  Moonbeam Cow
  Owl At Home
jacketPancake Party, The
  Popcorn Book, The
19 Abracadabra
  Bat's Night Out
  Climbing The Apple Tree
  Father Bear Comes Home
  Frog And Toad Are Friends
jacketGoodbye, Goose
  Legend Of Scarface, The
  Moving (MaryRuth Books)
jacketMrs. Bling Bling And The Watchdogs
  Three Wishes, The
jacketBirds At My Barn, The
  Caps For Sale
  Don't Forget The Bacon
  Dorian's Cast
jacketFriend Or Foe?
  Mother's Helpers
  Silly Willy
  When I Go To Grandma's House
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