The Diversity 1 Collection (Grade 1 Six-Packs)

SongLake Books is proud to present its newest Diversity collections.  We are the only company that offers leveled book sets with titles from 8 publishers that spotlight diverse races, cultures, and ethnicities.

At the K-2 level, most diverse books are "read-to's," but our diverse books are designed for reading instruction and independent reading.  We have reviewed hundreds of books and purposefully selected ones that portray children who are underrepresented in their schools' reading materials.

In researching the meaning of "diversity" as it pertains to early children's literature, we found no consensus.  But educators all agree that children who see themselves in print and with similar life experiences are more likely to become successful and enthusiastic readers.

Books in the Diversity 1 Collection span guided reading levels D–J to meet the varied needs of students found in a typical Grade 1 classroom.  The goal is to have first grade students exit this grade at a level J instructional level.

Our Diversity 1 Collection contains 144 books:  6 copies each of 24 titles from 8 leading publishers organized into guided reading sets for classrooms, Title I, and new federal programs such as ESSA, CCSS, et al.  They are also ideal for bookrooms.

Most titles included in this collection can be found in Fountas & Pinnell's Booklist now found online.  Each collection comes with two lists.  One list is arranged by levels.  The other list is arranged alphabetically.  Word counts are included to assist in book selection and scoring of running records.

As with each of our collections, the Diversity 1 Collection is affordably priced below retail with no additional shipping or handling charges.  This is truly a remarkable value for a well-designed collection from multiple publishers.

Level Title Genre
D *Alysha's Flat Tire Realistic Fiction
  I Can't Find My Roller Skates Realistic Fiction
  *My Brother Wants To Be Like Me Realistic Fiction
E *Helping With Baby Realistic Fiction
  *Lost Mother, The Realistic Fiction
  What's The Shape? Informational
F *Best Friends (CTP) Historical Fiction
  *Bread, Bread, Bread Informational
  *King's Job Realistic Fiction
jacket*Nothing In The Mailbox
Realistic Fiction
G *George's Story Realistic Fiction
  *Hayfa's Hats Fantasy
  *Lost And Found Realistic Fiction
  Michelle Kwan Biography
H *Dolly's Car Realistic Fiction
  Princess And The Pea, The Traditional Literature
  Rosa Parks Biography
  *Tree Fort Adventure Realistic Fiction
I Last Muffin, The Fable
  Martin Luther King, Jr. (PV) Biography
  *Sleepover Party, The Realistic Fiction
J City And Country Informational
  *Doorbell Rang, The Realistic Fiction
jacket*Pat And Pea Soup
Realistic Fiction
* Listed on Fountas & Pinnell's Leveled Books website
144 books: 6 copies each of 24 titles
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