The Diversity 2 Singles Collection (Grade 2 Single Copies)

SongLake Books proudly introduces our Diversity 2 book set designed for independent reading.  Spotlighting diverse races, cultures, ethnicities, and lifestyles, each book portrays children underrepresented in typical classroom reading material.

This Diversity 2 set includes 52 titles from 10 leading companies.  Most of these titles can be found in Fountas And Pinnell's online booklist, assuring that they have been field-trialed in schools across the country.  Titles span guided reading levels J–M to meet the range of reading abilities of most second graders.

In addition we include a specially chosen "read-to".  This is a beautifully written and illustrated story for the teacher to read aloud to the class.  Sunday Shopping tells the story of a girl and her grandmother taking "shopping trips" each Sunday while mom is deployed.  This touching story lends itself to discussions of family and traditions.

Diversity 2 is affordably priced with shipping charges included.  What an easy way to add diversity to your classroom libraries!

Level Title Genre
J *Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Informational
jacketDeer Report, The
Realistic Fiction
  Dinosaur Hunter, The Realistic Fiction
jacket*Fun For Pickles
Realistic Fiction
  *Hope's Necklace Realistic Fiction
  *Jake's Bird Feeder Realistic Fiction
  *Last Chick, The Realistic Fiction
  *Messy Bessey's School Desk Realistic Fiction
  *New Beginnings Realistic Fiction
jacket*Trouble For Jasper
jacket*Walk At The Farm, A
Realistic Fiction
  *What Happens To Trash? Informational
jacket*What's Wrong With Gilbert?
Realistic Fiction
K *Apple Pie Fourth Of July Realistic Fiction
jacket*Bacon Saturday Mornings
Realistic Fiction
  *Climbing The Apple Tree Realistic Fiction
  *Dragon Feet Fantasy
jacket*Hoops And Me
Realistic Fiction
  *Ling And Ting:  Not Exactly The Same Realistic Fiction
  *Ling And Ting:  Share A Birthday Realistic Fiction
  *Mother's Helpers Realistic Fiction
  *My Name Is Erica Montoya De La Cruz Realistic Fiction
  *Ruby Bridges Goes To School: My True Story Biography
  *Selu And Kana' Ti Traditional Literature
  *Shona Plays The Fiddle Realistic Fiction
jacket*Walking By The Rio
Realistic Fiction
jacket*And Then There Were Birds
Traditional Literature
  *Basketball Game, The Realistic Fiction
  *Bee-Bim Bop Realistic Fiction
  *Dad Still Smiles Realistic Fiction
  *Dorian's Cast Realistic Fiction
  *Gift For Kokhum, A Realistic Fiction
  *Hill Of Fire Realistic Fiction
jacket*Jump The Broom
Realistic Fiction
jacket*Mialynn's Butterfly Book
  *Muhammad Ali Biography
  *Raven's Gift Fantasy
  *Ugly Vegetables, The Realistic Fiction
  *Zemti Traditional Literature
Realistic Fiction
  *Camping With Grandma Realistic Fiction
  *Chair For My Mother, A Realistic Fiction
jacket*Dream Catcher
Realistic Fiction
  *Drinking Gourd, The Historical Fiction
  *Food For A King Traditional Literature
jacket*Freedom Quilt
Historical Fiction
  *Molly's Pilgrim Realistic Fiction
  *Mud Pony, The Traditional Literature
jacket*Mrs. Warren's House
Realistic Fiction
  *My Name Is Yoon Realistic Fiction
  *Stone Hat, The Realistic Fiction
  *Too Many Tamales Realistic Fiction
* Listed on Fountas & Pinnell's Leveled Books website
53 Books: 1 copy each of 52 titles plus 1 "read-to" title
Sunday Shopping written by Sally Derby,
illustrated by Shadra Strickland, published by Lee & Low Books
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