The Diversity K Singles Collection (Kindergarten Single Copies)

SongLake Books proudly introduces our Diversity K book set designed for independent reading.  Spotlighting diverse races, cultures, ethnicities, and lifestyles, each book portrays children underrepresented in typical classroom reading material.

This Diversity K set includes 52 books from 10 leading companies.  Most of these titles can be found in Fountas & Pinnell's online booklist, assuring that they have been field-trialed in schools across the country.  Titles span guided reading levels A–D to meet the range of reading abilities of most kindergartners.

In addition we include a poignant story for the teacher to read aloud to the class.  Raymond's Perfect Present tells the story of a youngster coping with his mother's illness and finding the perfect gift to cheer her.  This story is an effective way to develop empathy for others.

Diversity K is affordably priced with shipping charges included.  It provides an easy way to add diversity to your classroom libraries.

Level Title Genre
A *Carla's Big Splash Realistic Fiction
jacket*Dad's Turkey Sandwich
Realistic Fiction
jacket*Game Book, The
jacket*I Like To Read
Realistic Fiction
jacket*My Grandma
Realistic Fiction
jacket*My Teacher
  *Nature Walk, The Realistic Fiction
jacket*Party, The (Blueberry Hill)
Realistic Fiction
jacket*Picking Flowers
  Playing Realistic Fiction
jacket*Reading Partners
  *Salad, The Realistic Fiction
jacket*We Love Pets
jacket*Big And Little
  *Boo! Realistic Fiction
jacket*In The Forest
jacket*Garden Is Fun, A
Realistic Fiction
jacket*Having Fun
Realistic Fiction
jacket*Look At Pickles
Realistic Fiction
jacket*My Buddy
Realistic Fiction
jacket*My Family
Realistic Fiction
  *Packing Realistic Fiction
jacket*Snack For Gilbert, A
Realistic Fiction
  *Spaceship Informational
  *Time For Lunch Realistic Fiction
jacket*Yummy Lunch, A
Realistic Fiction
C *At The Park Realistic Fiction
jacket*Breakfast For Pickles
Realistic Fiction
  *Breakfast For Us Informational
jacket*Holly's Surprise
Realistic Fiction
jacket*The Hoop Dancer
  *Hot Day, A Realistic Fiction
  My Day Realistic Fiction
  Rain Realistic Fiction
jacketRaven, The
  Saturday Mornings Realistic Fiction
jacket*Walk With Dad, A
Realistic Fiction
jacket*Water Toys, The
Realistic Fiction
jacket*Zook Goes To The Farm
D *Boys And Girls Realistic Fiction
jacket*Bugs In My Backyard
  *Camping Realistic Fiction
jacket*Daffodils For You
Realistic Fiction
jacket*Don't Look Up!
Realistic Fiction
jacket*Eagle, The
Realistic Fiction
  *Missing Glasses, The Realsitic Fiction
jacket*No Cookies Before Dinner
Realsitic Fiction
jacket*Robins In The Spring
  *The Roller Coaster Realistic Fiction
  *A Visit To Dr. Jane, A Realistic Fiction
jacket*Walk For Pickles, A
Realistic Fiction
  *Where Is My Cat? Realistic Fiction
* Listed on Fountas & Pinnell's Leveled Books website
53 books: 1 copy each of 52 different titles plus 1 "read-to"
Raymond's Perfect Present by Therese On Louie,
illustrated by Suling Wang, published by Lee & Low Books
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