The Ellen Collection (Pre-K Six-Packs)

We are pleased to introduce our new SongLake Books Ellen Collection.  Many school districts are weighing the advantages of adding Pre-K classrooms to their existing K–12 structure.  To that end we are introducing the first of several planned Pre-K collections.

For this Pre-K collection, we emphasize the following selection criteria:

  1. clear, precise fonts with appropriate spacing between words;
  2. text placement on the upper left page with illustration on the opposing right page;
  3. use of a complete sentence on each page with no return sweep;
  4. a repetitive pattern with one single change occurring at the end of the sentence;
  5. illustrations that support the text;
  6. subject matter that appeals to pre-kindergarten and kindergarten children; and
  7. approved Level A books that have been field-tested in diverse classrooms.

After scouring hundreds of books we made one compromise we felt still allowed us to achieve the intention of objectives - the last page in many of the books we previewed had the sentence under the illustration and occasionally that sentence broke the pattern.  We have included a handful of these in this collection.

The Ellen Collection contains 120 books: 6 copies each of 20 titles from five publishers organized into guided reading sets for classrooms, Title I/ESEA, and new federal programs such as ESSA.  It is also ideal for bookrooms.

Many titles included in this collection can be found in Fountas & Pinnell's Booklist now found online.  Each collection comes with an alphabetical list of the books in this collection.  We have included word counts to assist in book selection.

As with each of our collections, the Ellen Collection is affordably priced below retail with no additional shipping or handling charges.  This is truly a remarkable value for a well-designed collection of titles from multiple publishers.

Level Title Genre
A About The Swamp Informational
  Burp! Fantasy
  *Busy Dad Realistic Fiction
jacketCan You See Shapes?
  *Dad Goes To School Realistic Fiction
  Dinnertime Informational
jacket*Dressed Up Dogs
  *Farm Animals Informational
  *Going Outside Realistic Fiction
jacket*I Like To Have Fun !
Realistic Fiction
  *Mom Dresses Up Realistic Fiction
  Monsters Informational
jacket*My Grandma
Realistic Fiction
  *My School Informational
  Park, The Informational
jacket*Party, The (Blueberry Hill)
  *Time For School Informational
jacket*What Can Bugs Do?
  What I Can Do Fantasy
jacket*Where Is A Bear?
* Listed on Fountas & Pinnell's Leveled Books website
120 books: 6 copies each of 20 titles
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