The Lauren Collection (Grade 1 Single Copies)

We are pleased to introduce our new SongLake Books Lauren Collection.  Recognizing that many schools are struggling to meet the demands of the Common Core State Standards, we have scrutinized hundreds of books from approved publishers and hand-selected only those that best align themselves with these standards.

Features of our Lauren Collection for grade 1 include more non-fiction titles; repeated characters; repeated books by the same author/illustrator; repeated topics; different versions of the same fairy tales; repetition and rhyme; variety of topics; ties to content areas: science, social studies, health (emotions/ethics), math; different times and cultures; a play to perform, and one biography of an author along with six copies each of two works by that author.  The Lauren Collection also features different genres at each level offering more flexibility in choosing titles of interest for your students.  This collection consists of one copy each of titles found in both our Jason Collection and our Michelle Collection.

Books in the Lauren Collection span guided reading levels D–J to meet the varied needs of students found in a typical grade 1 classroom. The goal is to have first graders exit at a level J instructional level.

Our Lauren Collection contains 70 books including one author biography.  It is ideal for classrooms, Title I/ESEA, and new federal programs such as ESSA, et al.  It is also ideal for bookrooms.

Most titles included in this collection can be found in Fountas and Pinnell's Booklist now found online.  Each collection comes with two lists.  One list is arranged by levels.  The other list is arranged alphabetically.  Word counts are included to assist in book selection and scoring of running records.

As with each of our collections the Lauren Collection is affordably priced below retail.  This is truly a remarkable value for a well-designed collection from multiple publishers.

Level Title Genre
jacket*About Father Animals
jacket*About Horses As Pets
jacket*About How Tadpoles Become Frogs
jacket*Eat Your Brocolli
Realistic Fiction
  *Giant Panda, The (Reading Reading) Informational
  Grasshopper And The Ant, The Traditional Literature
jacket*This Is A Family
jacket*Who Likes Grass?
  *Who Will Help? Traditional Literature
E *About Cobras Informational
  *Best Friends (Kaeden) Realistic Fiction
  *Danny's Garden Fantasy
  *Days Long Ago Informationsl
  *Horses Informational
  *Little Red Riding Hood (Mondo) Traditional Literature
  *Monsters' Tea Party, The Fantasy
jacket*My Bug Box
Realistic Fiction
  *Picnic Realistic Fiction
jacket*Puppy Danny
jacket*About How Helicopters Help
jacket*About Sea Stars
  Baby Bear Goes Visiting Traditional Literature
  *Best Friends (CTP) Historical Fiction
  Garbage Day Informational
  *I Love To Write (Writing) Realistic Fiction
  *It Started As A Seed (CTP) Informational
  *Pilgrim Children Had Many Chores Informational
  *Three Little Pigs (Sundance) Traditional Literature
  *Trip To The Beach, A Fantasy
G *Billy Goats Gruff And The Troll, The Traditional Literature
jacket*Changing Caterpillar, The
  *Danny's Dinner (Telling Time) Fantasy
  *How To Make A Card (Kaeden) Informational
jacket*Little Panda
  *Lost And Found Realistic Fiction
  *Making A Cake Informational
  Picnic, The (A Play) Readers' Theatre
  *Playground Problem Solvers Fantasy
  *Puppies For Rosie (A Play) Readers' Theatre
H *Anthony's New Glasses Realistic Fiction
dbully*Danny And The Bully
  *I Try To Be A Good Person Realistic Fiction
  *Mr. Wolf Leaves Town Traditional Literature
  *Mr. Wolf Tries Again Traditional Literature
  *Robert Makes A Graph Informational
  *Snakes (Literacy Footprints) Informational
  *Spring In The Woods Informational
jacket*Too Many Nuts
Realistic Fiction
  *Worm Rap (Rhyme) Fantasy
jacket*Baron:  Rescue Dog
Realistic Fiction
  *Caring For Your Dog Informational
  Circus Book, The Informational
jacket*Coyote Plants A Peach Tree
Traditional Literature
jacket*Danny And The Monarch Butterfly
jacketHow A Book Is Made
  *Hungry Sea Star, The Informational
  *Letter For Margery Moose, A Fantasy
  *My Mom's Apron Realistic Fiction
  *Sleepover Party, The Realistic Fiction
J Big Changes For Tiny Tadpole Fantasy
  Dollars And Cents Informational
  *Firefighters Informational
  *From The Earth Informational
  *Making Collages (A How-To Book) Informational
  *Mr. Putter And Tabby Pour The Tea Realistic Fiction
  *Mr. Putter And Tabby Walk The Dog Realistic Fiction
  *Perfect Dog, A Fantasy
  Real Princess, The (A Play) Readers' Theatre
jacket*Winter In The Woods
* Listed on Fountas/Pinnell's Leveled Books website
70 books:  1 copy each of 69 different paperback titles plus one additional title
About an author:  Best Wishes (level O), a biography of Cynthia Rylant,
author of the Mr. Putter and Tabby books
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