The Matthew Collection (Grade 4 Six-Packs)

We are pleased to introduce our new SongLake Books Matthew Collection.  Recognizing that many schools are struggling to meet the demands of the Common Core State Standards, we have scrutinized hundreds of books from approved publishers and hand-selected only those that best align themselves with these standards.

Features of our Matthew Collection for grade 4 include:  repeated books by the same author/illustrator; repeated topics; Chinese version of popular fairy tale; greater variety of topics; ties to content areas: science, social studies, health; different times and cultures; mature themes such as homelessness, war, slavery, prejudice, immigration, morality.  The Matthew Collection also features different genres at each level offering more flexibility in choosing titles of interest for your students.

Books in the Matthew Collection span guided reading levels P–S to meet the needs of a typical grade 4 classroom.  Note that Fountas/Pinnell have recently revised grade 4 to include these four levels.  The goal is to have fourth graders exit this grade at a level S instructional level.

The Matthew Collection contains 241 books:  one hard cover biography and two different works by that author as well as 6 copies of 38 additional titles.  This guided reading set is designed for classrooms, Title I, and new federal programs such as RTI, i3, et al.  It is also ideal for bookrooms.

Most titles included in this collection can be found in Fountas and Pinnell's Booklist now found online.  Each collection comes with two lists.  One list is arranged by levels.  The other list is arranged alphabetically.

As with each of our collections the Matthew Collection is affordably priced below retail with no additional shipping or handling charges.  This is truly a remarkable value for a well-designed collection from multiple publishers.

Level Title Genre
P Balto And The Great Race Realistic Fiction
  Daring Escape Of Ellen Craft, The Biography
  Dragon Prince: Chinese Beauty And The Beast Traditional Literature
  Exploring Freshwater Habitats Informational
  Indian School, The Realistic Fiction
  Knots On A Counting Rope Realistic Fiction
  Magic School Bus:  Inside The Human Body Fantasy
  Mario's Mayan Journey Fantasy
  Matchlock Gun, The Historical Fiction
  Wall, The Historical Fiction
Q Constellations Informational
  Dragonling, The Fantasy
  Great Black Heroes:  Five Brilliant Scientists Biography
  Hurricanes Informational
  If You Lived In Colonial Times Informational
  If You Lived With The Iroquois Informational
  If Your Name Was Changed At Ellis Island Informational
  Pedro's Journal Historical Fiction
  People And The Sea Informational
  Thousand Miles To Freedom:  Escape of Ellen And William Craft Biography
R Becoming A Citizen Informational
  Can't You Make Them Behave, King George? Informational
  Family Under The Bridge Realistic Fiction
  Freedom Crossing Historical Fiction
  History's All Stars: Betsy Ross Biography
  Indian In The Cupboard, The Fantasy
  Journey To A New Land:  An Oral History Biography
  Mae Jemison Biography
  Thomas Edison:  Inventor With A Lot Of Bright Ideas Biography
  Why Don't You Get A Horse, Sam Adams? Biography
S Barefoot:  Escape On The Underground Railroad Historical Fiction
  Boy Called Slow, A Biography
  Children Of The Longhouse Historical Fiction
  Do Tornados Really Twist? Informational
  Letters From Rifka Historical Fiction
  Magic Tree House Fact Tracker #6:  Space Informational
  Once On This Island Historical Fiction
  Should There Be Zoos? Informational
  Taking Sides Realistic Fiction
  Taste Of Blackberries, A Realistic Fiction
Most titles listed on Fountas/Pinnell's Leveled Books website
241 books: 6 copies each of 40 titles plus 1 single hardcover author biography
Hardcover:  single copy of Surprising Myself (level O), a biography of Jean Fritz,
author of Why Don't You Get A Horse, Sam Adams? and
Can't You Make Them Behave, King George?
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